Who is Anna Knight?IMG_0198.jpg

I’m a writer and reader of all things fantastical. Born in the South West of the UK, I’ve steadily moved north to land in Newcastle upon Tyne. I spend my days thinking about how people speak, and my nights putting words in other people’s mouths.

Why fantasy?

When I was nine, my brother read The Hobbit to me over his Christmas break from uni, and I was hooked! Since then, I’ve read my way through the genre and back again, hitting big names and small, in search of new magics and exciting lands.

What’s the fascination with diverse books?

About two years ago, I noticed that all the characters I read were blurring into one uber-protagonist – one tall, strong, a magical prodigy/unparalleled swordsman/charming rogue – and it got me wondering. Where are the women? Where are the LGBT folk? Why are these lands so full of white people? What kind of epic healthcare systems are in place to eliminate all disabilities? In short – where are the people like me and my friends?

Since then, I’ve been on a quest to read widely. To find authors who highlight voices that we don’t normally hear. To learn about new cultures and groups, from the people that belong to them. And along the way, I started writing my own worlds too.

What are you working on?

‘Magical Vikings’ project – an epic fantasy novel based on a Northumberland legend: the Duergar of Simonside. Our protagonist, Malina, narrowly escapes becoming her lord’s latest wife, only to find out that a. she has magic, and b. someone is killing their way through her country’s magicians. Can she control the runes, avoid the killers, navigate this new walk of life and make it back to the woman she loves?

‘Twisting Tales’ –  a series of short fiction bringing new twists and diverse characters to the tropes and tales of the British Isles. A naiad falls in love with the disabled girl who visits her glen. A selkie gives her pelt to every soulmate she finds. A desperate woman stumbles onto the washerwoman of the fords, singing her tale of death. A highland girl meets one of the Finnfolk and gets whisked away to their underwater ball.